AZHEER CENTRAL Central Company consists of 5 different groups in the field of building lighting, protection and safety systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV cameras and building intelligence. .


The consulting department of Ajir Central Company with 5 specialized groups in the fields of building lighting, protection and safety systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV cameras and building intelligence, according to technical and economic feasibility and technological studies, consultant and response It is as if the needs of dear customers are in the mentioned fields.


Since design and calculation is one of the main parts of project implementation, AZHEER CENTRAL Company, by preparing a general plan of the project, designed the best to increase the efficiency of the systems and according to the planning and scheduling of supplies and goods. Seems. According to the history of AZHEER CENTRAL Company in connection with the design and manufacture of various devices, the company examines the needs of customers and based on their order, designs and manufactures devices in accordance with modern world standards and using reputable researchers and manufacturers..


The executive department of AZHEER CENTRAL Company, according to the experienced staff, careful study, supervision and execution of necessary and required infrastructure of the project, prepares executive plans of the project and installs the equipment with the least time, until the project is designed. Installed with the highest quality


Due to the fact that the best brands and devices will suffer from technical defects or failures due to various accidents or long operation, customers should have a special look at the services and predictions of the company providing the product when buying and choosing a product. Save time on any defects and failures at different times and costs. Therefore, the service and support department of Ajr Company with experienced staff and high technical knowledge, by performing technical tests and reconstruction of special stages, as well as monitoring and reviewing all equipment, covers the warranty of the installed parts and is ready. Provide after-sales service and periodic repairs with training..

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