Wired Detector BA-235


BANG BA-235 is a passive infrared intrusion detector, used to detect accidental or malicious intrusion, to meet the general needs of protection. Designed for small size white round streamline shape, can be installed on the wall or ceiling, the ideal installation Height is 2.2m (7'2 ") from the ground. The protective area can be protected from dead ends, and the sensitivity can be set to suit the installation environment. This product has built-in tamper switch to prevent unauthorized disassembly. This product can be widely applied to the family, shops, banks, offices, warehouses, garage.

مدل BA-235
تشخیص چهار مادون قرمز+هوش مصنوعی
ولتازکاری 9 ~ 16VDC
جریان مصرفی 8mA ~ 25mA
جبران خودکار دما دارد
گزارش وضعیت دارد
کلید تمپر دارد
تششخیص حیوان خانگی 25 کیلوگرم
ضد نور سفید >8000LUX
حالت نصب دیواری
ارتفاع نصب 1.8m-2.4m
ابعاد 94.5×63.5×49mm
دزدگیر اماکن
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